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Waterproof Chelsea Boots


The uppers have a waterproof construction with a special waterproof membrane coupled with treated uppers (PFC free) that allow breathability and long lasting waterproof protection

Launched in 2018 our customers have been wearing these boots for many uses such as country walks, dog walking in wet grass, wading through puddles and streams and commuting to work on rainy streets

They have a regular width and volume with a rounded toe shape, making them ideal for walking long distances

Thick solid rubber outsoles to provide a high level of durability and traction

Deep squishy insoles that don’t crush down help make these boots comfy enough to wear all day

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

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    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Portugal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Emily Kullman (United States)
    Love them

    So I bought these boots to be my work boots. I work in a coffee shop which surely sounds like a cakewalk but I assure you... it's 45 hours a week on my feet, walking, bending, kneeling, lugging trash, and spilling various liquids on my shoes. These boots have stood up to the test. I've been wearing them for about a month and a half straight. There is some creasing across the tops from kneeling but it doesn't bother me and I've heard that there are ways to un-crease vegan leather if that would bother you. These boots have stood up to hot coffee, milk, and tea being splattered all over them as well as cleaning chemicals and snow. Just wipe them with a damp paper towel and they are clean and ready to go. They're also very comfortable and supportive. I have super high arches so I added some custom orthotics and don't have any pain or discomfort even after 9+ hours on my feet. They are also super cute and stylish! Other vegan boots I've had have scuffed easily but these babies seem scuff proof! Now I just need to get a second pair in the rotation!

    Erinn Gilson (United States)

    These are great boots! The waterproof Chelsea boots are very comfortable for moderate walking (I walk a couple miles at a time in them), and the waterproofing seems to work well too. I got these to replace an older pair of Will's regular Chelsea boots (from maybe 5 years ago) that I've worn so much they've developed holes in the soles. I appreciate the updates to the style: the narrower ankle opening works better with slim leg pants (I definitely have to use the pull tab to get them on though!) since they can fit under the pant legs now, and the interior sole is much more cushioned, so more comfortable to wear for walking for sustained periods of time. Overall, they just look nice too! I'm an 8-8.5 US size with somewhat wider feet and a 39 worked perfectly for me.

    Customer (United States)
    It’s alright

    The boots are being returned. They are nice in regards to the deep tread bottoms. They did seem as if they were creased and not sure of that was because shipping or trying them on. I already have some type of rain boots and these seemed very similar so they’re going back. Still waiting for the Chelsea boots that are a bit more dressy so we shall see!

    Beverley Coleman (Australia)
    Ethically bootyful

    I absolutely LOVE my new Chelsea waterproof boots. I am a size 39 and have a thumb-width of extra space at the toe. Initially, thought I should have taken a size 38, but now that I have been wearing them they feel super comfortable, and I like that I can wear a slightly thicker sock. This boot also has a beautiful shape, similar to the Australian RM Williams leather boot. A few people have noticed my new boots and asked if they were RM boots. I’m always thrilled to announce they’re Vegan, and NO they’re not RM Williams. I have always loved the RM boots, but now that I know better about leather and the treatment of animal…AND becoming Vegan, I cannot support that company, I have to do better.
    I own a chocolate brown (gorgeous brown, by the way)…already looking to add a black pair to my collection.

    Cakeboss (United States)
    Waterproof Chelsea Boot

    I was a little worried about what vegan leather shoes would look and feel like but once I got these I didn't any more. Vegan leather has come a long way over the years apparently and these boots look great! I didn't know what size to order so I asked someone at Will's what they would recommend (though it does look like Will's has since added a size chart, which is nice). Based on my measurements they told me to order a 10/42 (which seemed large to me because I usually wear a 9 or 9.5 in US womens) so I tried it but it was way way too big. I exchanged for 2 sizes down (8.5/40) and it was just barely too snug enough in the toe to be unwearable. If I had a shoe stretcher I would have tried it (I did ask someone at Will's if it would work on vegan leather and they told me yes) because I was afraid the 9/41 would be too big. I did end up getting the 9/41 and they are slightly too big, but I was able to get a pair of good thick insoles which helps quite a bit (I guess it also leaves plenty of room for thick socks in the winter). They just kind of look like they're too big for me (though it may just be me). I ultimately kept them even though I was in between sizes because sustainable, ethically made footwear isn't that easy to find. They are comfortable and I really appreciate the gender neutral design (why don't more brands do this??) I got many compliments on them the few times I wore them (pandemic life did not allow many opportunities to wear them this year. Hopefully there will be more in the future.). Something I didn't think about was that this is also the highest heel I've ever worn so it took a little getting used to.
    Overall would recommend, just be careful of sizing.