Collection: Shoes

We created our men’s vegan shoe collection so you have a vegan option for all your outfits. For smart vegan dress shoes, try our City Collection, which includes vegan brogues, monks or loafers. We also provide all our vegan dress shoes in a Goodyear Welt option so you can own a pair of high-end, handmade vegan Goodyear Oxfords or Derbys that are cruelty-free. Some of our most popular styles were in our original 2013 line up, including the sleek shiloetted Slim Soles or classic vegan suede Signature Derbys. All our vegan footwear is designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day thanks to how we make our vegan shoes and our high-quality components, such as the deep, non-crush down insoles that provide cushioning and support. We size our vegan footwear consistently across the collection, so if one style fits you right - you should find that's your size in every style. We fit our vegan shoes slightly wider with more internal volume for comfort (D width fitting), if you are a regular to wider width fitting, you should find that your feet are not constricted or pinched. You should find our vegan shoes breathable and cool to wear due to the breathability of our bio-based vegan leather combined with the vegan suede linings, which allow air to circulate inside the shoes. You will notice the attention to detail on each piece from the stitched insoles, WVS emboss on each outsole, and the metal lace tips.