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One word now summarises my footwear sustainability goal...

Biodegradable Footwear at Will's Vegan Store

Take it back to 2012. We were called Will’s Vegan Shoes and carried a small collection of cruelty-free footwear.

My goal then was to bridge the gap between everyday people and vegan footwear.

I wanted to make vegan shoes the same style, price, and quality as something you would find on the high street. My thought process was if given the option between two products that were the same style, price, and quality - who would not choose the vegan option?

Since then, WVS has grown to carry more styles plus accessories and sustainable ethically made vegan clothing, made in small batches in Italy.

I feel in part my goal has been achieved. It’s much easier to buy vegan footwear in 2021 vs. 2012, either from WVS or the many other excellent vegan brands out there. You can even find vegan fashion on the high street. There are many options out there, it’s now easier to make a positive choice 🙌🏼

In recent years almost all of us, whatever our walk of life, have become aware of the urgency to protect our planet and are trying to do something about it.

At WVS our focus has been for a long time to make vegan footwear that leaves as little trace as possible. We’re trying to create products that work with nature.

As a fashion brand, the primary thing in your control is your product: where you make it, what you make it with and how you sell it.

We’ve had a few sustainability landmarks on our journey:

  • being a vegan-only, ethically made fashion brand (since launch 2013)
  • being certified carbon neutral for everything we make and do (2016)
  • plastic-free packaging (2016)
  • introducing bio-based content into our vegan leather (2017)
  • replacing components in our vegan footwear with plastic-free sustainable options (the process started in 2019 and continues)
  • introducing grocery & lifestyle sections on our website to help people shop sustainable products, including our new Zero Waste store (2020)
  • introducing a recycling service for our footwear to create new WVS outsoles and uppers (2021)
  • opening up a warehouse in the Netherlands to reduce the distance traveled for our European deliveries, reducing our carbon footprint and resources used (2021)

One word now summarises our footwear sustainability goal:


In summer 2020, we introduced our LDN Biodegradable Sneakers.

Over a year in the making, LDN Sneakers were created by working with leading shoe component manufacturers across Europe to create one of the most sustainable shoes on the planet. 

It was not an easy journey. Many of the solutions we developed to create a pair of fully biodegradable sneakers had not been used before.

They’re not only super sustainable but super cool to look at and super comfy to wear.

The Tencel™ uppers shape around your feet. LDN are breathable and lightweight to wear. 

The Tencel™ and organic cotton mix linings are really soft, and you can wear them with or without socks. 

Taking the lessons learned from these sneakers, we're working on developing a collection of biodegradable shoes that take you from the week to the weekend.

Footwear needs to be durable. You wear shoes on your feet, so you need to depend on them. This requirement does not lend itself well to biodegradable materials. This is where the challenge lies.

If we can succeed at the biodegradable goal - it’s such great news for the planet and the animals and people who live on it.

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